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Today I am writing about some vital pre-ride checkups. Because you have to make sure that everything on such a machine is working well so you not only have a good time but also come back in one piece. Don’t forget that behind the beautiful attire of your superbike, there is a monster waiting to unleash all its fury.

So here’s a checklist which you might wanna consider before taking a superbike out for a spin.

   Engine oil level :- Straighten with a help of your friend and then check your oil level. Regular top ups, check ups and changing of oil will help you diagnose any engine related mechanical problem well in advance. 

2.   Chain:- Make sure your chain slack is properly set and your chain is clean and properly lubed. This will not only increase the bike’s performance but will also increase the life of your chain and sprocket.


3.   Brakes:- If you are planning to go fast on your superbike, then you should also plan to stop fast. Make sure your brake discs and brake pads are in great condition. Worn out break pads are not only a health hazard but they also eat into your brake discs which are very costly to replace.

4.   Suspension:- make sure your suspension is in great condition and there are no leaks. Broken seals on your suspension will lead to oil dripping all over your brakes and god forbid on your tires which can cause a deadly accident.   



5.   Tire pressure:- Make sure your tires are inflated upto the recommended tire pressure mentioned in the owner’s manual. If you inflate the tire more than required, then you are actually decreasing its contact patch and hence causing loss of traction. If you don’t inflate the tire upto its optimum pressure, it can cause irregular wear and tear of your tires. Also remember the pressure figures mentioned in the manual are for cold tires and not for warm tires.

6.   Electricals:-  Make sure all your electricals i.e. the horn, instrument cluster, turn indicators, head light, tail light, etc. They provide you with all the vital information required while riding a bike.

7.   Engine temperature :- when you start your bike after a long time let it idle for a minute or two. This will bring the engine to its optimum temperature and will also allow the oil to do its job and lube up all the parts of the engine. And most importantly don’t rev a cold engine. It will lead to heavy internal damage.

8.   Tire temperature :- Warm up the tires for maximum traction, especially if you are going onto the track or on the mountains for some corner carving. Because every ear 30% of bike accidents happen due to cold tires losing traction.

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